I look at my stories as waves in the ocean and you, the reader/listener, are the Surfer. I can tell or create the story to make your ride smooth, full of beauty and balance, whitewater gentle cascading over head as you ride with the skill of a lifer, or I can have the wave crash on you with the full weight of the tonnes of water shattering your board, your confidence and your nose. To watch a reader, to see their facial reactions and knowing exactly where they are in the story. To tell the same story to a room of Sailors and a room of Kindergarten Students using the exact same words, changing only emphasis…I do love writing, creating and telling.

That’s why I created this site. Stories of life, stories of the actions, campaigns and movements of my life. Stories that have been written, rewritten and rewritten again, stories that have been rattling around in my head since childhood. So Please, bookmark us, comeback with a tea, sit back and enjoy. Send a note, a word of encouragement or a kick in the butt, but say Hi

The Heart of the Turtle

Turtle follows the story of a small tribe of Chippewa Indians from what is now Minnesota from 100 years pre-contact until today. It begins with a vision, a dream. Otter, the community’s Spiritual Advisor, has to convince the tribal citizens and Leadersip to forego eons of tradition and set up a permenant camp. No more seasonal camps.

The offspring of Otter and Meadow are the focus. Throughout the generations, the conflicts, the victories, the elation and waves of saddness, we learn of history from the victors. Those who, so many generations later, still live with the teachings, the stories, the culture and the scars of genocide.

Turtle will provide a look at the history of Turtle Island, (North America) through the eyes of the Original People.

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The Spot, Bitumen Alta.

The story goes that Frank and Irma Root, one of the original families of Bitumen, wanted to build a catchall business, a general store/saloon/hotel. Frank, it is said, announced to the townspeople that this was The Spot”. The Spot has been the anchor business in Bitumen ever since. The great SPOT Fire of 1985 looked like the end of the establishment. The Root great-grandchildren didn’t have the passion for the north and looked to the fire as an opportunity to take the loss, and the insurance cheque and head to warmer climates.

Delmar and Marsha Michaels, former hippies from Vancouver, read of the Great Spot Fire and arranged to buy the property and name from the Roots. They then created their vision of The Spot. Townspeople were aghast at the fact that this local Institution fell into the hands of “These People”.

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Y2K To Today

Life is a series of chapters, stages if you will. Each chapter of my life is worthy a story or two. However this last 17 years has proven to skirt the unbelievable, although easily verified.

I will preface this with the truth that I graduated the 8th grade at Hillside Sr Public School and quit a few weeks into 9th grade. This is important to these last 17 years because in that time I was elected President of an International Non-Governmental Organization, substitute taught Eight Grade and was an Instructor at Trent University. In the last 17 years I’ve Guest Lectured throughout the world, been recognized by the Canadian Courts as an Expert – Indigenous Environment and Health. Most importantly though, over these last 17 years I’ve begun to reconcile a past, mend a bridge or two and been gifted the most amazing Wife/Partner and children.

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