Asin NiiNini Niindizhnikaazh

Stoneman is My Name

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Why do I call myself Asinniinini or Stoneman

My parents divorced in the early 70’s. I have very little memory of time before or after so couldn’t say how it changed me. I think I grew up in a quasi “normal” environment. Yes, there was a very Earth shaking event or three and a million subsequent tremors in our household. (It wasn’t until i was out of the house did the strangeness become apparent) Each event chiseled me, chiseled me out of a Stone.

My name is Stoneman.

It was explained to me that I’ve always been Asinniinini/Stoneman. It is what my Spirit is called, it is who I am. Several years ago I went to a healing camp in the northern region of Canada. The camp was to be completely in Aanishinaabemowin, how we, the Chippewa’s of Aamjiwnaang, refer to our language. Thankfully it wasn’t completely in the language which allowed me to follow the conversations and Teachings. , I dont speak Anishinaabemowin.

The camp Elder was a gruff old man who wouldn’t or couldn’t speak english. I knew he understood through his helper and interpreter Alex. Early in the camp I asked the Elder if he could find my name and he agreed. Some time later, while in a Ceremony, the Elder started barking his words at me. I didn’t understand and thought I had screwed up something. After the Ceremony Alex told me of my name, Asinniinini and why it was mine. My Mother and Father named me Ronald because it was my Fathers name. There is no other meaning, it is not a word that describes anything about me. The name Plain came from missionaries, they didnt like the full Aanishinaabek name of my Ancestor, my Great-Great-Great Grandfather Zaawashkogiizhiig, Comes-From-the-Plain, thus Plain. These are the names the system says I need.

Stoneman is who I am.